Welcome to Scottie Rescue

Welcome to Scottie Rescue, UK. Scottie Rescue is all about finding the right home for a scottie that has been given into our care.

If you have a scottish terrier that you would like us to find a new home for, please contact us on 07504 500032.

Our work is supported by dedicated volunteers, who offer their time, unreservedly, in making sure our scotties are placed with the family that best suits the scottie’s lifestyle.

For just £7.00 per year (£10.00 for joint “membership”) you too can easily help us with our ongoing mission, by becoming a Member.

One other way helping us to raise funds is to visit our shop “The Scottie Shop” and maybe purchase an item or two, that’s if anything takes your fancy. Most items are donated by our supporters but we do often have the odd shop bought product that we like to highlight. We also have a Rewards Scheme, that will allow you to purchase items in exchange of your collected points. If you have any scottie based items that you would like to donate to us for inclusion into The Scottie Shop, please get in touch with us – thank you!

Volunteers are warmly welcomed but must have experience of working within a charity structure. If you are interested in volunteering, please take a look at our ‘Volunteering Opportunities’, then fill in the appropriate form and we’ll take it from there.

Opportunities range from Rehoming Co-ordinator, Rehoming Representative, Marketing Co-ordinator, Marketing Representative, Liaison Co-ordinators, Others.

Fund raising activities organised by the Trustees, such as Spring and Summer Fetes (garden parties), Christmas Fayres, Coffee Mornings etc, will bring volunteers and very often the public, together in their joint aims and desires of helping our wonderful breed.*

*Other breeds will be given help if they are from the same household as the scottie and are being given into our care.

If you need to get in touch, then Contact Us now!