Volunteering Opportunities

We warmly welcome volunteers to Scottie Rescue. However, you must be a fully paid up Member for the current year AND provide us with detailed information of any current or previous canine rehoming experience together with a letter of reference. Please carefully read through the Volunteering Opportunities we have available, then fill out our Volunteer Application Form as completely as you are able to. On receipt of this form, we shall contact you to discuss your application in person.

Rehoming / Welfare Co-ordinators

Each Rehoming or Welfare Cor-ordinator will report directly to the Management Team. You will likely be the first point of contact in an owner wishing to surrender their scottie into our care. You may also be the first point of contact in a family wishing to adopt a scottie from Scottie Rescue.

For either likelihood we expect that you will be diplomatic in every case. Owners wishing to surrender their scotties are often distraught and highly emotional. At Scottie Rescue we ensure that our volunteers are sensitive to all reasons for the arrival of a scottie into our care.

You will be expected to visit the owner at their request. However, if this is not possible, one of your area representatives must be able to carry out this very important First Contact at the earliest convenience. Your team will also be made aware of this expectation.

You must also be able to ‘foster’ the scottie, either at your own home, or within the household of one of your Area Representatives, until full assessment of the scottie has been made. Our scotties are given the opportunity to ‘settle down’ and become themselves, before moving onto their forever home. This in no way causes any harm or emotional distress to our Scotties. If you are the right volunteer, you will understand this process.

As a consequence of a scottie coming into Scottie Rescue, there will be some paperwork and telephone calls made during each arrival. Forms will be provided to you for your completion and at the end of each month, the completed forms, together with payment, must be sent to the Secretary/Welfare Manager.

Much of the time you spend working with Scottie Rescue will be on a voluntary basis, but where possible, we will consider refunding travel and kennel expenses.

Area Representatives

Working directly with the Rehoming / Welfare Co-ordinator you will be responsible for work covering following areas, or that which you specify in the Volunteer Application Form.

  • Collecting Scottie from original owner
  • House Check
  • Providing temporary foster care
  • Transporting scottie to vets / new owner

Marketing Co-ordinator

Reporting directly to the Management Team, you will source suitable scottie merchandise to sell either on our webpage or at our fund-raising events. You must be skilled at negotiation and be able to view an item as worthy of being added to our stock. You must have suitable space within your home to store the stock. You will have a team of Marketing Representatives who will be prepared to take stock to fundraising events. You will also establish a working relation with the Fundraising and Special Events Co-ordinator and their Fundraising Representatives in order to distribute Scottie Rescue merchandise for the events in question.

Marketing Representatives

Working directly with the Marketing Co-ordinator you will be responsible for transporting scottie merchandise to fundraising events and ‘manning the stall’. It will be hoped that you have the facility to store stock within your home, should the occasion arise, to save on travel expenses.

Liaison Co-ordinators

There will be several Liaison Co-ordinators working within specific areas of the canine community. You will be either responsible for establishing links or maintaining good working relationships with those organisations, promoting the good and ongoing work of Scottie Rescue UK. Co-ordinator will need to be able to work, intelligently, in the following areas : Scottish Terrier Clubs within UK ;  Vet Surgeries in relevant local area ; Canine shelters within relevant local area ; internet ‘dogs for sale’ sites.


If you have a set of skills you wish to provide to us in a voluntary capacity, we would welcome further discussions with you.

There are many many areas in which Scottie Rescue UK would love to work with you, so just complete the Volunteer Application Form and we’ll take it from there.