Welcome to Scottie Rescue Trust UK

Welcome to Scottie Rescue Trust UK. Scottie Rescue is all about finding the right home for a scottie that has been given into our care. Unfortunately we are not yet a Charity as we do not meet the financial conditions laid down by the Charity Commission for England and Wales but we do endeavour to carry out our mission in a charitable manner.

Our work is supported by dedicated volunteers, who offer their time, unreservedly, in making sure our scotties are placed with the family that best suits the scottie’s lifestyle.

If you want to adopt a scottie, please complete our Adoption Application Form.

If you want to help by fostering a scottie either short or long term, please complete our Volunteer Foster Carer Form

If you would like to help in collecting a scottie that requires a new home, please complete our Volunteer Rehomer form 

If you have a scottish terrier that you would like us to find a new home for,

please contact us on 07794 119440 or alternatively you can email us on general@scottierescue.org

You can help us by making either a donation or by visiting our shop “The Scottie Shop” and maybe purchase an item or two, that’s if anything takes your fancy. Most items are donated by our supporters but we do often have the odd shop bought product that we like to highlight. We also have a Rewards Scheme, that will allow you to purchase items in exchange of your collected points. If you have any scottie based items that you would like to donate to us for inclusion into The Scottie Shop, please get in touch with us – thank you!