• Taking Notes

    Avidly watching dogs on tv, learning how to behave or not to behave ……. well we all know that scotties do their own thing, and I’m sure Marmite is thinking just the same.

  • Hot water bottle

    The day before Marmite arrived, she had been given a vet check by her original veterinary surgeons and during that consultancy the little limping issue that occurred the day before was discussed. It seems that Marmite has a locating patella (slipping of the kneecap). We have already notified our own vets and as a precaution to keeping her comfortable when her knee cap slips, we give her a hot water bottle to ease any discomfort. Surgery is planned for the future, so watch this space.

  • Play Date

    Getting used to her new play mates …

    We are a small charity, if you are able to help out with a donation in support of our work with Marmite we would all be very grateful.

  • Choices, choices

    Marmite is a very friendly little scottie and so it wasn’t hard to follow her lead and let her decide what she wanted to do. We felt it important to go at her pace, but equally we needed to see how she responded to the other scotties that were to become her friends, so here’s a few photos from her first day of adventure.

    We are a small charity, if you are able to help out with a donation in support of our work with Marmite we would all be very grateful.

  • Marmite

    This lovely little scottie has arrived into our long term foster care programme. We’ll chart her progress with us during her stay and hopefully you’ll join us along the way.

    During her first day we allowed her to find places that she was comfortable in and let her have all the time she needed to roam around, safely watched over by Julie.

  • Falling for Skye

    Falling for Skye

    I didn’t think I’d ever fall in love again after Dougal died however I hadn’t met Skye yet.I had love within my heart but I thought the special stuff had all gone … then I saw her.  

    I looked eagerly at the resident Scotties standing in a row at Karen’s looking for her, I had gone to pick her up to foster her and then a tiny little senior girl pushed through the clan and she looked at me with what I thought was almost fairy dust within her eyes they glistened so brightly. 

    There was Skye confident yet quiet… although I saw her vulnerability she shone. From  that first day she just seemed to know that all was ok as if someone had whispered in her ear that she was going to be adored.

    She seemed to know her new home she seemed to know … Dougal’s walk along and through the fields, the little wood the Robin feeding times …..  she just seemed to know all about the routine I lived by… which was Dougal’s. 

    Skye began to blossom. She had a hair cut. She had good food. She had Scottie friends that we would meet up with often and she curled up in Dougal’s bed as if she had always been here.

    She never barked, not once but she had a low growl if a puppy or a dog sniffed her for too long … she didn’t suffer fools. She was a Scottie. She woke me every morning by looking at me. It was uncanny. Every day I would wake up early and there she was, staring up at me from the bedroom floor, at the corner of my bed. She said a lot with her eyes. 

    I was only suppose to foster her for a couple of weeks however when the time came to look for the very best home for her I realised she was already there with me. I realised I loved her as I did Dougal which even today astounds me. 

    We lived with love and respect for each other until the day came when I saw that it was our last day on this earth and how sad I felt, but she gave me the strength to get through that day and in my arms I felt her travel to Rainbow Bridge with dignity and with love.

    How I loved that little rescue. Just 6 months we lived together but how we lived it, is what counts.

  • Dylan


    Woof everyone – I’m Dylan and on Jan 5th 2022, Karen brought me to my foster home. I loved it so much and Jim and Claire loved me, so they adopted me. I am super happy here so wanted to tell you about my day!

    Today we are at the caravan. Around six thirty I wake Mum up with my usual ‘Rurmph’. If Mum’s a bit tired I may need two Rurmphs. Sometimes she puts trousers on but normally she walks me in her pyjamas. We go for a walk and sniff around the park, I see lots of rabbits, ducks and perhaps another human and their dog.

    When we get back to the van, Mum chops me some carrot (my favourite treat). I poddle around to Dad to say hello and have some fuss and we then all go back to sleep.

    I nod off for about an hour and then my tummy rumbles so I wake Dad up to get my breakfast. I do love my food and I have put on a bit of weight since January so Mum makes Dad weigh my breakfast out now as he was guesstimating and giving me too much.

    Dad will have his breakfast and then take me for another walk, we tend to go further and take a different route, I get bored going the same route as I like different sniffs. I love to say hello to other dogs and I hate rubbish so sometimes I bring it back with me for Mum to throw away. Mum did call me a womble, but I don’t know what that is!!

    I love to be taken out in the car to go for walks. I think National Trust properties are my favourite. After my morning walk it’s sleep time, either on the sofa or decking, wherever Mum and Dad are.

    Dad is busy putting a ramp in for me as I struggle a bit with the caravan steps and don’t judge them right and bang my chin. I’ll try it later, it looks like fun!

    I always help Mum in the kitchen, when she’s cooking. She’s very messy and drops stuff, but I help her clean it up.

    The television goes on for lunch time news and I always keep one eye on it in case there’s an animal story I can watch and bark at.

    I was known as the barky boy, but I don’t bark much nowadays, although I do talk to Mum and Dad a lot! I am very good at tapping Mum and Dad’s foot if I want something and they have to guess what it is: it might be because I want a snack, a wee, to play or just some love and a tummy rub. Sometimes I get all four!

    It’s another walk after the news. Today we went down the riverside at Shrewsbury. We then called at the local hospice. I had lots of fuss off everyone whilst Mum and Dad had a drink. Mum also shared her cake with me, my favourite is Victoria sponge. Back home then for an afternoon siesta.

    I wake up for play time and love a ball game although biting a football or a rugby ball is my favourite. I’ve even found these on my walks and brought them home too.

    Tea time soon and another couple of walks before bed. I like to chill in an evening whilst Mum and Dad potter around doing odd jobs, but I always keep one eye on them to make sure they’re close.

    Today’s been another lovely day. Mum’s just chopping my carrot for bed – sweet dreams all xxx

  • Rescue Stories

    We have found some lovely new homes for our scotties. We’ve helped join a few complementary rescue centres with people on our lists, people who have then gone onto adopted a scottie from elsewhere. The list is short : Eilidh / Badger / Ralph / Lottie / Hamish

    Below are scotties that have come into our care and how now found their lovely new forever homes.

  • Celebrations – August

    Here’s a few celebrations taking place this month. If you’d like to participate in next months celebrations, just send us your photo and details to newsletter@scottierescue.org and we’ll do the rest .

    Saturday 6th August

    Tayler and Sparta

    Wow , where did those 7 years go! Today is the 7th birthday of Tayler and Sparta, two of the “Resident Scotties” of Scottie Rescue Trust UK. They all play a role within the organisation in helping us to assess the characteristics of the little rescues that come to us.oday is Fabi’s 9th birthday. She’ll be celebrating in style with her son, daughters and

    Wednesday 17th August


    Sunday 21st August

    Bella and Guiness

    Wednesday 31st August

    Today is Fabi’s 9th birthday. She’ll be celebrating in style with her son, daughters and grand-daughter, and no forgetting wee “Broch”.

  • Pawsome Walks

    Here we will be sharing some fabulous walks that our scotties have taken us on. If you live locally to any of these walks and you’ve never been on the ones highlighted, maybe you might fancy taking a wander down those paths one day. Don’t forget to send us your article though, so that we can share it with others. Send it to newsletter@scottierescue.org