Scottie News


Bella was in desperate need of a new home after her usefulness as a brood bitch was over. She came into our care after many careful and discreet discussions.

Bella, at the age of 8 years of age, had no idea what the outside world was like. She had multiple issues that made her extremely unhappy, and we knew at a very early stage that we would need to find a very special home for her.

It took a couple of months of hands on care here at Scottie Rescue Trust UK, to help Bella become a ‘happier’ scottie. But that period of time helped us to understand what her needs were and also to find that ‘very special home’.

This truly is one of those ‘happy every after’ events. Her new owner desperately needed a scottie companion and Bella, desperately needed this new owner. Bella’s new owner continues to make excellent daily progress and together they have helped each other find the happiness they craved for,