• Dougal and Dylan

    Meet Dougal and Dylan our new arrivals looking for a lovely home.

    Prior to coming into our Trust, Dougal and Dylan lived with one loving and very experienced scottie dog owner. Due to ill health of the owner, members of the family have asked if we could find a loving home for these two boys.

    Here’s their profile which we hope you will enjoy reading and wish to find out more and hopefully decide to adopt these two boys.

    Dougal is 16 years old has a few lumps and bumps and is a bit wobbly on his legs, but loves a little toddle about on some nice grass. He is very stubborn when on a walk, and will not move on from a patch of grass until he’s sniffed every blade of grass and is ready to move. Typical scottie !

    Dylan, distantly related to Dougal is a sprightly 11 year old and loves a really good walk.

    Both boys are microchipped but neither have been neutered.

    They have both been bathed and groomed whilst in our care and it was obvious that both dogs were accustomed to being regularly groomed as they showed no real concern with being tidied up.

    They have seen and heard our resident scotties, but as yet both Dougal and Dylan appear reluctant to ‘socialise’ with them indoors. Out doors on a walk is a different matter.

    From this observation we think a home with maybe only one other dog, or ideally no other dogs around.

    They need to be monitored when eating as Dylan eats very quickly and has been seen to barge Dougal out of the way to eat his food.

    From this observation you will need to watch them feed to ensure Dougal gets to eat his own food.

    Both boys are extremely content in each other’s company and sleep in the same bed, or very close to each other. Where one goes, the other tends to follow.

    Dougal has a few teeth that need removing, which we are currently awaiting an appointment date for this procedure.

    In conclusion, these are two lovely and well adjusted scottie boys. They want to be loved. There’s much tail wagging going on already. They have been very well loved over the years. You will have to be a little patient with them for the first month or so and not expect too much from them from day one. Human and dog alike, need to understand and adjust to each other for the right loving relationship to emerge.

    They will happily settle for a warm bed, nice food, some cuddles and for Dylan, possibly a nice walk to stretch his legs

    Here’s a video and a few photos of them.

  • Bella

    Bella was in desperate need of a new home after her usefulness as a brood bitch was over. She came into our care after many careful and discreet discussions.

    Bella, at the age of 8 years of age, had no idea what the outside world was like. She had multiple issues that made her extremely unhappy, and we knew at a very early stage that we would need to find a very special home for her.

    It took a couple of months of hands on care here at Scottie Rescue Trust UK, to help Bella become a ‘happier’ scottie. But that period of time helped us to understand what her needs were and also to find that ‘very special home’.

    This truly is one of those ‘happy every after’ events. Her new owner desperately needed a scottie companion and Bella, desperately needed this new owner. Bella’s new owner continues to make excellent daily progress and together they have helped each other find the happiness they craved for,

  • Thank You, Everyone

    Thank you to everyone who has sent in donations, or became a member of Scottie Rescue or volunteered in some way. Support has been overwhelming and we’ve yet to get our stationary organised, so please bear with us for a couple of days. Thank you  letters will be in the post shortly.