A day in the life of



Woof everyone – I’m Dylan and on Jan 5th 2022, Karen brought me to my foster home. I loved it so much and Jim and Claire loved me, so they adopted me. I am super happy here so wanted to tell you about my day!

Today we are at the caravan. Around six thirty I wake Mum up with my usual ‘Rurmph’. If Mum’s a bit tired I may need two Rurmphs. Sometimes she puts trousers on but normally she walks me in her pyjamas. We go for a walk and sniff around the park, I see lots of rabbits, ducks and perhaps another human and their dog.

When we get back to the van, Mum chops me some carrot (my favourite treat). I poddle around to Dad to say hello and have some fuss and we then all go back to sleep.

I nod off for about an hour and then my tummy rumbles so I wake Dad up to get my breakfast. I do love my food and I have put on a bit of weight since January so Mum makes Dad weigh my breakfast out now as he was guesstimating and giving me too much.

Dad will have his breakfast and then take me for another walk, we tend to go further and take a different route, I get bored going the same route as I like different sniffs. I love to say hello to other dogs and I hate rubbish so sometimes I bring it back with me for Mum to throw away. Mum did call me a womble, but I don’t know what that is!!

I love to be taken out in the car to go for walks. I think National Trust properties are my favourite. After my morning walk it’s sleep time, either on the sofa or decking, wherever Mum and Dad are.

Dad is busy putting a ramp in for me as I struggle a bit with the caravan steps and don’t judge them right and bang my chin. I’ll try it later, it looks like fun!

I always help Mum in the kitchen, when she’s cooking. She’s very messy and drops stuff, but I help her clean it up.

The television goes on for lunch time news and I always keep one eye on it in case there’s an animal story I can watch and bark at.

I was known as the barky boy, but I don’t bark much nowadays, although I do talk to Mum and Dad a lot! I am very good at tapping Mum and Dad’s foot if I want something and they have to guess what it is: it might be because I want a snack, a wee, to play or just some love and a tummy rub. Sometimes I get all four!

It’s another walk after the news. Today we went down the riverside at Shrewsbury. We then called at the local hospice. I had lots of fuss off everyone whilst Mum and Dad had a drink. Mum also shared her cake with me, my favourite is Victoria sponge. Back home then for an afternoon siesta.

I wake up for play time and love a ball game although biting a football or a rugby ball is my favourite. I’ve even found these on my walks and brought them home too.

Tea time soon and another couple of walks before bed. I like to chill in an evening whilst Mum and Dad potter around doing odd jobs, but I always keep one eye on them to make sure they’re close.

Today’s been another lovely day. Mum’s just chopping my carrot for bed – sweet dreams all xxx