Why I love scotties

Falling for Skye

Falling for Skye

I didn’t think I’d ever fall in love again after Dougal died however I hadn’t met Skye yet.I had love within my heart but I thought the special stuff had all gone … then I saw her.  

I looked eagerly at the resident Scotties standing in a row at Karen’s looking for her, I had gone to pick her up to foster her and then a tiny little senior girl pushed through the clan and she looked at me with what I thought was almost fairy dust within her eyes they glistened so brightly. 

There was Skye confident yet quiet… although I saw her vulnerability she shone. From  that first day she just seemed to know that all was ok as if someone had whispered in her ear that she was going to be adored.

She seemed to know her new home she seemed to know … Dougal’s walk along and through the fields, the little wood the Robin feeding times …..  she just seemed to know all about the routine I lived by… which was Dougal’s. 

Skye began to blossom. She had a hair cut. She had good food. She had Scottie friends that we would meet up with often and she curled up in Dougal’s bed as if she had always been here.

She never barked, not once but she had a low growl if a puppy or a dog sniffed her for too long … she didn’t suffer fools. She was a Scottie. She woke me every morning by looking at me. It was uncanny. Every day I would wake up early and there she was, staring up at me from the bedroom floor, at the corner of my bed. She said a lot with her eyes. 

I was only suppose to foster her for a couple of weeks however when the time came to look for the very best home for her I realised she was already there with me. I realised I loved her as I did Dougal which even today astounds me. 

We lived with love and respect for each other until the day came when I saw that it was our last day on this earth and how sad I felt, but she gave me the strength to get through that day and in my arms I felt her travel to Rainbow Bridge with dignity and with love.

How I loved that little rescue. Just 6 months we lived together but how we lived it, is what counts.