Scottie News

General Overview of 2017

We, The Trustees, are pleased to report that the first year of operations for Scottie Rescue UK has ended in a good financial position. We would like to thank everyone who has contributed in any way.

We have experienced challenges in obtaining a ‘registered’ charity profile with the Charity Commission for England and Wales which we recently reported in our Scottie Rescue Newsroom. Once we have established our ‘legal structure’ that will define the type of Charity that we will be, and can show evidence of annual financial income required by the Charity Commission for England and Wales, we shall be in a position to progress our application for Registration.

We are very appreciative to everyone for funds donated throughout 2017 and we sincerely regret that we are not yet in a position to grant ‘membership’ status to our subscribers, but we do hope that many of you will wish to continue to donate to this wonderful cause.

During 2017 we were instrumental in helping four families with their wish to ‘own’ a Scottish Terrier. Our involvement with the original owners of these four scottish terriers, was to introduce them to a selection of people who had approached Scottie Rescue UK in the hope of adopting a scottie from us. We were not involved in any further negotiations with any of the parties concerned, and as such the respective Scottish Terriers did not come into our organisation. We did, however, receive a donation from one family as a thank you for our introduction.

We were delighted that one of our subscribers volunteered to attend a fundraising event in April 2017 at very short notice. Her time, of course, was given free of charge, but she managed to raise £5.00 in donations for us.

We received 40 applications for ‘membership’ during 2017 and currently have 38 applications from the general public wishing to adopt a Scottish Terrier from us. We received 5 submissions from people wishing to volunteer their services, but as yet we have not been in a position to take advtange of these.

Extensive work has been carried out on creating an on-line shop. We are truly grateful for the work done on this project, free of charge, and also to one subscriber in particular who provided us with a significant amount of scottie memorabilia. All our Sales have come through our on-line shop and we take this opportunity to thank everyone of you for your purchases.

We three Trustees have worked tirelessly throughout the year, on the initial setting up and the ongoing daily work of establishing a visible profile for Scottie Rescue UK, at our own expense and will continue to do so throughout the years to come. Travel, telephone and other expenses continue to be waived, ensuring that as much money remains available for the possible care and needs of the Scottish Terriers that come into Scottie Rescue UK.

Finally, we take this opportunity to express our thanks to everyone for their encouragement and support throughout 2107. We are all set for 2018 and hope that together we can achieve as much as we’ve done in our first year. Thank You!