Marmite has temporarily joined our scottie family for short period of time. She is being looked after, most brilliantly by our dear Scottie-Friend “Julie”.

On the day that Marmite joined us, we were told that she had a limp. That limp has turned out to be a slipped kneecap …… in both knees.

Surgery has been planned for Marmite and during the course of the next few months, we shall be updating you on her progress.

We shall also be posting lots of lovely photos of this precious little scottie during her stay with us.

We do have a bit of money to help with the financial aspects of Marmites care, however we are always in need of that little bit extra – though isn’t that the case for us all these days.

If you are able to help out with a £1 or two, that would be brilliant. There’s a Paypal button for ease of donating, so please feel free to use it at your leisure.

You’ll find all her adventures as they unroll, by clicking here will take you to Marmite’s Blog

Here’s just a few photos of our temporary family member “Marmite” to keep you going ….