Volunteer Foster Care

We are looking for experienced scottie dog owners who are able to volunteer their time in helping us look after the scotties that come into our care.

We hope you will be able to foster a scottie for either a week or two. During this time we would like you to continually observe the scottie, noting its characteristics to ensure it matches what we have been told by the previous owner. The general characteristics and observations form part of our Adoption Contract, so we will make regular contact with you for updates on the scottie.

We are also looking for families who are able to offer long term foster care. These scotties usually come to us because an elderly owner may currently be unable to look after the scottie and until such a time that we are able to return their scottie to them, they will be cared for by us.

We are also experiencing a number of “twosomes” coming into care. Either brother/sister scotties, or two brothers, or two non related scotties, so we would like to know if you are able to help us care for these whilst a new home is found.

There is a section in the form where we ask for your preferences. So please tick all boxes that apply to you.

If you have any queries you need answering before completing this form, please ring 07794 119 440 or email us rescue@scottierescue.org

Thank you so very much for wanting to help these scotties in need.