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Thank You

Thank You …. Wow in well under 4 weeks we have over 20 fully paid up members of Scottie Rescue UK. On our Facebook Page they are whooping us at over 160 Page Likes. That is incredible for such a short period of time. AND, we’ve not even officially launched!!!

We will always keep you aware of where our money is coming from …..

For those of you interested in the ‘figures’ ….. here goes (we’re still awaiting a couple membership cheques) but the Secretary (bless her- knows nothing about figures … foreign language to her!  … actually, thinking about it, she’s probably the best person to talk about figures – she doesn’t know what goes where, so she’ll spill the whole beans!!! Yay!!! that means no penny will go unaccounted for!

So here we go ….

21 fantastic people have signed up to be Members of Scottie Rescue – as mentioned we’re awaiting a few cheques, and also for the bank account to open.

So for January we have the following:
Income : £41.00 in membership fees and £235.o0 in donations totalling £276.00
Expenditure : £150.00 donation, £20.62 website totalling expenditure of £170.62
Total income for January 2017 £105.38

The totals so far for February are:
Income : £92.00 in membership fees and £62.oo in donations totalling  £154.00
Expenditure: So far no expenditure for February.

So as of today’s date we have a whopping  ……. £259.38 in our Scottie War Chest.

Don’t all go looking for things to spend this on. Sadly there’s lots more ‘behind the scenes’ activities going on that require financial support, especially in encouraging some ‘rescues’ and/or ‘shelters’ to release their scotties into our care. We need the money for them. So don’t stop donating.

But for now as very big THANK YOU to everyone who has donated to Scottie Rescue …. we’ll be ‘friends for life’