Constitution (draft) of Scottie Rescue Trust UK

As everyone who has ever set up a charity will know, the Charity Commission for England and Wales will only register a ‘charity’ once that ‘charity’ is able to show an annual income of £5,000. We at Scottie Rescue Trust UK are working towards this aim and in the interim do carry out our work in a charitable manner, thus when the time is right, we shall have the experience behind us to assist in our hopes to become a Registered Charity.

In the meantime, this is the “Constitution” by which we shall carry out our aims and objectives. It’s a long read, but it covers for any eventuality that we may encounter. It also gives us the chance to make sure that this is the right legal structure for our charity. At this stage of our evolution, we have the opportunity to make appropriate and necessary changes to our working ethics, without incurring lengthy discussions with the Charity Commission for England and Wales.

Constitution June 2018